Letter to the editor: International students not treated equally

Chun Long Tam, DVC student
February 20, 2014

International students are experiencing racism in almost all U.S. colleges.

According to a Reuters report, international students who studied in the U.S. in the year 2012 accounted for 35% of total student population. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of international students are treated unfairly by their professors because of the inadequate mastery of English and passive attitude.

Prejudice against international students is common in many colleges, and they are suffering from racism, which is degrading the image of the U.S.  as a world leader of educational systems.

Although the English level and learning attitude of international students may not be as proficient as that of local students, we are not lazy or dishonest. Most international students spend less time on relaxing and socializing, and more time studying hard until midnight.

Professors should not naturally equate our English level to our understanding of other subjects and learning attitude as a whole.

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